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2019 Semi-Final (Junior Final) Contestants

2019 Semi-Final (Junior Final) Contestants

Please note that Entry numbers are not in order.

Your Program

with your name and entry number

Semi-Final Participation Fee

Please pay your 2,000THB Semi-Final Round Fee before you perform.
You can pay

  • Cash at the desk in the Baan Roichan Hall
  • PayPal (Click here to make payment via PayPal) – Let us know after you made your payment.
  • Bank transfer to
    Bank Name: Bangkok Bank, Kad Suan Kaew Branch
    Account Name: The Chiangmai Youth Philharmonic Band and Symphony Orchestra Foundation
    Account: 531-0-68179-5
    – Send us your reciept of the payment


  • Semi-Final (Fina for Junior) Round will be at Baan Roichan Hall (7th Floor of Lotus Hotel Pang Suan Kaew, by swimming pool)
  • Contestants will perform one program / repertory of their choice that is a maximum of 15 minutes per contestant.
  • Contestants in the Juniors Category can play shorter program. Their performances are not judged based on time.
  • It must be different from the piece performed at the First Round.

It may proceed faster than approximate time.

Morning 9:00-12:00
Afternoon 2:00pm -5:00pm

November 20 (Wed)

Morning Hours

Entry Time Name Instrument
A-2 9:00 Ms. Zanna Kimberly Phua Wei En Vioin
A-3 9:15 Mr. Kei Minemura Piano
A-6 9:30 Ms. Bao Anh Truong Violin
A-4 9:45 Ms. Riko Hayashi Piano
A-9 10:00 Ms. Pham Tran Phuong Chi Violin
A-5 10:15 Ms. Maya & Saya Takada Piano Duet Piano Duet
A-14 10:30 Ms. Ketsara Jakjai Piano
A-8 10:45 Ms. Papitcha Vejmongkolkorn Piano
A-17 11:00 Ms. Yunpeng Shao Piano
A-13 11:15 Ms. Pitchayapa Hinkaeo Piano
A-16 11:30 Mr. Ziniu Meng Piano
A-15 11:45 Ms. Ramawadee Nanta Piano
B-1 12:00 Ms. Do Hoang Ngoc Yen Violin
B-2 12:15 Ms. Pinn Mahasaranond Piano

Afternoon Hours

Entry Time Name Instrument
B-3 14:00 Ms. Mari Saeki Flute
B-7 14:15 Ms. Kim Hye Rang Violin
B-10 14:30 Ms. Hee Le-Shaine Violin
B-6-C 14:45 Ms. Jiayu Guo Piano
B-8-C 15:00 Ms.Chen Huina Violin
B-16 15:15 Ms. Yiyu Zhuang Piano
B-9 15:30 Mr. Pham Bach Violin
B-11 15:45 Ms. Nguyen Trinh Bao Nhu Piano
B-12 16:00 Mr. Yuqiao Chen Piano


November 21 (Thur)

Morning Hours

Entry Time Name Instrument
B-13-C 9:00 Mr. Poon Jaruchat Piano
B-17 9:15 Ms. Xini Gong Piano
B-4 9:30 Mr. Thanawin Thanapornthawan Piano
C-1 9:45 Mr. Do Thanh Luc Piano
C-5-C 10:00 Mr. Song Anxiong Merlin Piano
C-7 10:15 Ms. Nathanelle Laura Tan Violin
C-18 10:30 Ms.Leanne Reese D.C. Tavita Vocal
C-8-C 10:45 Mr.Benjamin McLachlan Piano
C-9-C 11:00 Ms. Joella McLachlan Violin
C-19-C 11:15 Ms. Ravint Wongratanaphisan Piano
C-14 11:30 Mr. Hyungun Hwang Cello
C-16 11:45 Mr. Ryoske Ito Piano
O-11 12:00 Mr. Egaputra Tweedapinta Violin
O-25-C 12:15 Mr. Nattapon Khasak French Horn

Afternoon Hours

Entry Time Name Instrument
O-31 14:00 Ms. Veronika Issajeva Piano
O-15 14:15 Mr. Majikina Gai Violin
O-17 14:30 Ms. Do Ngoc Thao My Violin
O-30 14:45 Ms. Alyssa Trisha L. Garcia Vocal
O-12 15:00 Mr. Andi Ibrahim Bagus Prawira Violin
O-19-C 15:15 Mr. Zen P. Tanwattana Saxophone
O-24-C 15:30 Super Brass 8 Brass Ensemble
O-10 15:45 Mr. Seiju Sasaki Piano
O-16 16:00 Mr. Adam Putra Piano
O-20 16:15 Mr. Naoki Takagi Piano
O-26 16:30 Ms. Rio Kogure Piano
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