Chiang Mai  Ginastera International Music Festival



November 17 – 23, 2019


  1. Kad Performing Arts
  2. Baan Roi-chan Hall (Pang Suan Kaew Hotel 7F)
  3. Kad Theater
  4. Payap University

The Chiangmai Youth Philharmonic Band and Symphony Orchestra Foundation

Kad Suan Kaew 7th F,
21 Huay Kaew Rd, T.Suthep, A.Muang Chiang Mai 50200
TEL: 053-224-444 Ext. 19008
FAX: 053-224-502



Although the classical music scene in Chiang Mai is still developing, it is finding growing support among local Thai enthusiasts as well as expatriate communities of countries from around the world. New orchestras have emerged in recent years, and are showing extraordinary potential. However, the musicians rarely have the opportunity to participate in high-profile performances, and have not had the chance to develop the confidence to perform on the level of musicians in more musically influential countries, particularly in Europe.

In the 20th century, the Argentinean composer Alberto Ginastera put South America on the map in the world of classical music, paving the way for many other South American musicians to follow in his footsteps. Today, these musicians continue to inspire audiences around the world. He is known to have told young students of music that “Your music must reach beyond the country of your origin. Do not confine yourself to boundaries.” Inspired by these words, we are determined to spread the unique artistic culture of the Asian provincial city of Chiang Mai to the world, going beyond national borders as well as boundaries of culture and religion. Furthermore, we plan to invite internationally acclaimed musicians to hold world-class performances, with the aim putting Chiang Mai on the world stage. In 2016, to mark the 100th birthday anniversary of Alberto Ginastera, we held the first Chiangmai Ginastera International Music Festival and Competition (CGIMF).

This year marks the 4th annual festival to be held from 17th – 23rd November 2019 at the Kad Theater, Kad Suan Kaew in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The forthcoming festival will feature a truly special highlight, namely a concert performed by the world-famous Shanghai Chinese Orchestra (SHCO) from Shanghai – Chiang Mai’s sister city in China. As partner of the CGIMF, the SHCO will perform on 19th November, the program including a H.M. King Rama IX composition as well as a Malambo by Ginastera on Traditional Chinese instruments.
On 19th November, SHCO members and some other international musicians from different countries will perform jointly with our own Chiangmai Symphony Orchestra at a Gala Concert night.

We had more than 100 entries for the competition from all over the world, particularly from those from Asian countries. Young talented participants will compete again here in Chiang Mai this November. During the festival, contestants will perform their recitals with various instruments. This includes the piano, violin, wind-instruments, and vocals at the Baan Roichan Hall in the Lotus Hotel. The Lotus Hotel has a charming Lanna-style room equipped with a Fazioli grand piano. In the Gala Concert held on the final day, we will feature the 2018 Gold Medal award winner’s performance with the CPO, SHCO and international players.

If you participated or enjoyed our event from previous years, you may already know that we have also invited judges from different parts of the world who are all extremely enthusiastic performers and passionate music educators.
At the international competition, musicians compete not over technical skill, but for their ability to inspire audiences who wish to see them performing again. We have made it our mission to discover such new talent, specifically young musicians from Southeast Asia, and support them on their path to reaching world stage.

Words can hardly describe the charms of Chiang Mai — its natural beauty, the kindness of its people, and the joys of interacting with elephants and other magnificent animals have captivated the hearts of many. We will continue our aspiration to hold awe-inspiring events for visitors, local residents, and the participants of the music festival, and use this opportunity to show the world the charms of this truly wonderful city.

Executive Committee of the Chiang Mai Ginastera International Music Festival

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