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Junior Award Winners 2019

Junior Award Winners 2019

Nov 21 (Thur) 17:30
Junior Award Ceremony and Concert at Baan Roichan Hall (7th Floor of Lotus Hotel Pang Suan Kaew)
Award Winners, please perform one short program of your choice at the concert after the ceremony.
We have gift for all the junior finalists. Please bring your Final Round Certificate to the ceremony regardless you won the prize or not.

Junior A

GOLD: A-8 Ms. Papitcha Vejmongkolkorn, Piano -Thailand

SILVER: A-9 Ms. Pham Tran Phuong Chi, Violin -Vietnam

BRONZE: A-4 Ms. Riko Hayashi, Piano -Japan

Ginastera Award: A-16  Mr. Ziniu Meng, Piano -China

Honorable Mention: A-2 Ms. Zanna Kimberly Phua Wei En, Violin -Singapore

Honorable Mention: A-16 Mr. Ziniu Meng, Piano -China


Junior B

GOLD: B-10  Ms. Hee Le-Shaine, Violin -Singapore

SILVER: B-12  Mr. Yuqiao Chen, Piano  -China

BRONZE: B-3  Ms. Mari Saeki, Flute  -Japan

Ginastera Award: B-12  Mr. Yuqiao Chen, Piano -China

Usaato Award: B-9  Mr. Pham Bach Violin -Vietnam

Honorable Mention: B-7  Ms. Kim Hye Rang, Violin -Korea

Honorable Mention: B-4 Mr. Thanawin Thanapornthawan, Piano -Thailand


Junior C

GOLD: C-14  Mr. Hyungun Hwang, Cello -Korea

SILVER: C-16  Mr. Ryoske Ito, Piano -Japan

BRONZE: C-7 Ms. Nathanelle Laura Tan, Violin -Singapore

Ginastera Award: C-5-C  Mr. Song Anxiong Merlin, Piano – Chiang Mai

Honorable Mention: C-18  Ms.Leanne Reese D.C. Tavita , Vocal -Philippines



Special Awards for Chiang Mai Musician

Junior A


Junior B

GOLD: B-13-C  Mr. Poon Jaruchat, Piano

SILVER: B-6-C Ms. Jiayu Guo, Piano

BRONZE: B-8-C  Ms.Chen Huina, Violin


Junior C

GOLD: C-19-C  Ms. Ravint Wongratanaphisan, Piano

SILVER: C-9-C  Ms. Joella McLachlan, Violin

BRONZE: C-5-C  Mr. Song Anxiong Merlin, Piano


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