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2019 Announcement of Successful Contestants

2019 Announcement of Successful Contestants

We will announce more names of successful contestants from Chiangmai Audition as well as Thai and international contestant’s YouTube round at a later date.


All participants will receive the feedback from the judges and the participation certificate attached to the e-mail. We will also soon send participants the information of the First Round. Thank you for your patience.


If you would like to book the Lotus Hotel Pang Suan Keaw or Baan Dinki Hotel, please check out Official Hotel page and let us know.


Junior A

  • Ms. Riko Hayashi
  • Ms. Maya and Saya Takeda
  • Ms. Zanna Kimberly Phua Wei En
  • Ms. Bao Anh Truong
  • Ms. Nha Linh Nguyen Gia
  • Mr. Kei Minemura
  • Ms. Papitcha Vejmongkolkorn
  • Ms. Pham Tran Phuong Chi

Junior B

  • Ms. Pinn Mahasaranond
  • Mr. Thanawin Thanapornthawan
  • Ms. Do Hoang Ngoc Yen
  • Ms. Mari Saeki
  • Mr. Pham Bach
  • Mr. Kim Hye Rang
  • Ms. Jiayu Guo

Junior C

  • Ms. Nguyen Hoang Gia Han
  • Ms. Jovelle Sales Ong
  • Ms. Nathanelle Laura Tan
  • Mr. Do Thanh Luc
  • Ms. Nathalie Kwan Wei Ling
  • Ms. Julian Wong

Open Category

  • Mr. Seiju Sasaki
  • Mr. LAI, Wei-Cheng (Please contact us)
  • Mr. Majikina Gai
  • Mr. Egaputra Tweedapinta
  • Mr. Andi Ibrahim Bagus Prawira
  • Ms. Lavinia Tsai Qi En
  • Ms. Do Ngoc Thao My
  • Mr. Adam Putra
  • Mr. Zen P. Tanwattana
  • Mr. Naoki Takagi
  • Ms. Tse Man Kiu


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