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The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra Concert

The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra Concert

The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra Concert

The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra (上海民族乐团) is a large orchestra of traditional Chinese musical instruments based in Shanghai, China. It was established in 1952, and was the first large-scale modern orchestra of traditional instruments in China.
Orchestra members specialized in instruments such as erhu, also known as the Chinese violin; bamboo flute; sheng, a wind instrument consisting of multiple reed pipes; ruan or moon guitar; and zheng or zither.



The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra Concert

19 November 2019 (TUE) 19:30
Kad Theatre (Kad Suan Kaew 5F)
Free for students with unassigned seat numbers(ID required)
Please call: 0866542132 to reserve the free ticket.
1,000THB, 500THB, 300THB for assigned seat numbers
If students come with parent/guardian, they can have free seats at whatever price their parent/guardian buy.
IMPORTANT: If you are purchasing assigned seat ticket, please request student free ticket at the time of purchasing regular ticket.


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  • Sheng with Chinese Traditional Orchestra Harmony
    笙重奏与打击乐《和鸣》笙演奏:赵臻 李春旭 王阳
    Composer: Wang Yunfei
    Performers: ZHAO Zhen, LI Chunxu, WANG Yang
    The harmony sound of Sheng and Yu bears a heavenly tuneand a melodious tone. They are the earliest Chinese harmonicinstruments which inherit thousands years of civilization. Eventoday, the harmony sound is still being carried on and sung to praisethe eternity and fulfilling Tao emerged from nature.
  • Ensemble with Chinese Traditional Orchestra Melody of Jiangnan
    器乐组合与乐队《江南》演奏:金锴 俞冰 丁龙
    Composer: WANG Yunfei
    Performers: JIN Kai, YU Bin, DING Long
    Born in Shanghai, growing up in Jiangnan. It is like the fresh dewdrop in the field, the tenderness of the flowing water of the bridge, and the neon glittering in the prosperous city. This is the voice of Shanghai, rippling with the feelings of the years, and full of vitality of life.
  • Guzheng and the Orchestra Spirit of Chinese Calligraphy
    Composer Luo Xiaoci
    Soloist: Fang Yu
    Chinese calligraphy is a world of black and white in a nutshell.The primitive unsophisticated, the elegance of Zen and the bold unconstrained forms a feast of symphony which connects the agents above and the spirits beneath.White and black of wash ink dances in between heaven and earth.
  • Erhu Concerto Butterfly Lovers
    Composers He Zhanhao, Chen Gang
    Soloist: LU Lu
    Glory of two butterflies lasts for thousand years. The butterflies imply wonderful and faithful love in China. The melody mixed Chinese style with western classical characteristics.Everyone will find it moving and then immerse into it with a imagined picture that two butterflies flutter gracefully and intimately in the sky like a couple.
  • Pipa, Jinghu, Chinese Drum with Chinese Traditional Orchestra Farewell to My Concubine
    琵琶、京胡、鼓与乐队《别姬》演奏:李胜男 张佳伟 王音睿
    Composer Han Wenhe
    Performers: LI Shengnan, ZHANG Jiawei, WANG Yinrui
    My strength plunked up the hill, My might shadowed the world.But times were against me.Alas, Yu, my Yu. What will your fate be?The actor airs out wight and strength of Hegemon King of West Chu.The actress air out sadness of Yu, the beautiful woman.House of Flying Daggers and A Dark Night were playing. It tells a sorrowful story of two departing lovers.
  • Suona Concerto Dancing Birds
    Composer & Arranger Huang Lei
    Suona Solo: HU Chenyun
    Phoenix extends its wings accepting salute and homage from other birds, which is revealed by the sound of a Chinese folk instrument, Suona.The tone is pristine and pure, while the melody bursts with emotion. Folk music mixed with rock spirit manifests openness and pursuit of folk music Shanghai culture.



  • Ensemble of Plucked Strings Caterpillar Fungus
    Composer: FANG Dongqing
    Performers: Pluck strings of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra
    This is a precious herb from the snow plateau of China. It is insect in winter and grass in summer. Deep in the embrace of the earth, soaking in the temperature of the soil. This is the praise of life.
  • Chinese Orchestra  Silk Road
    Composer: JIANG Ying
    The mysterious Silk Road brings us endless dreams and retrospects. Over thousands of years of ancient corridors, the footprint of the integration of eastern and Western civilizations has never been interrupted, with a long history.
  • Chinese Orchestra Whispers of Winds and Birds
    Composer TAN Dun
    This is a whisper between wind and birds, and the harmonious dialogue between man and nature. It is singing about all living things and their vigorous lives….
  • Chinese Orchestra Homeland
    We live on the same planet and our only home. We look forward to crossing differences and misunderstandings,deepening understanding and friendship,and joining hands to build our common home into a harmonious and prosperous world of lasting peace!
  • Chinese Orchestra Malambo from Estancia Suite
    Composer Ginastera
    Malambo from Estancia Suite* Ginastera’s Estancia, written in 1941 on a commission from American Ballet Caravan, was intended as a “ballet in one act and five scenes based on Argentine country life,” A suite of four dances from the score was introduced at the venerable Teatro Coloacuten in Buenos Aires in 1943. In tonight concert, you will here the last dance “malambo”. It is characterized by a fast and constant movement in eighth-notes and a constant 6/8 rhythm.” In tonight concert, we will also, for the first time, enjoy this beautiful composition on Chinese Orchestra version.
  • Ensemble with Chinese Traditional Orchestra  Flying Bees
    民乐组合《蜂飞》演奏:丁龙 陈适 李霖 赵臻 王音睿
    Composer Rimsky-Korsakov
    Performers: DING Long, CHEN Shi, LI Lin, ZHAO Zhen, WANG Yinrui
    Western classical music meets with Chinese folk music. A fantastic show is on.
    Violin bows and Erhu bows, they both pluck a beautiful high pitch. Tempo and beat are as fast as raindrops. It makes you fresh.You can imagine yourself as if you were a wild bee buzzing in the wilds.
  • Chinese Orchestra  Love in Spring (ลมหนาว)
    Composer H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX
    Love in Spring (ลมหนาว) is H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX’s composition no. 19, composed in 1954. Originally the composition was a song. His Majesty asked His Royal Highness Prince Chakkapan Pensiri for English lyric. Then he gave this song played out first in Annual event for the UK Alumni Association under the Royal Patronage at the dance stage at Lumpini Park on Saturday February 6, 1954. Later his majesty asked Madam Som-roj sawaddi-kun Na Ayudhya for composition of Thai lyric. In tonight concert you will hear an orchestal version arranged by Chitchol Samart. In tonight concert, we will, for the first time, enjoy this beautiful composition on Chinese Orchestra version.



After graduating from both conducting and Erhu major of Shanghai Conservatory of Music , Yao Shenshen is now the conductor in Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. Yao acts as an executive director in the Erhu Professional Committee of Shanghai Musician Association, the conductor of Chinese orchestra and Erhu teacher in Shanghai Normal University Music College, and the conductor of Chinese orchestra in Tongji University. Also, Yao used to be the assistant conductor of Singapore Chinese Orchestra, the conductor of Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra, and the conductor of Chinese orchestra at Hong Kong Youth Music Camp. Yao won the third place in The 2nd Hong Kong International Conducting Competition for Chinese Music.

During his service to Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, Yao has conducted a series of large-scale Chinese orchestral concerts including “Chinese Orchestra at Sea”, the live music scene of which was conducted by Yao in the Cervantes International Festival in Mexico. Yao has participated in the composition, rehearsal and conducting of “Our Common Homeland”, another widely acclaimed music scene of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra.

Yao actively engaged in the popular education of Chinese music. He led the Chinese orchestra of Shanghai Normal University Music College to the Gold Award of National College Student Art Exhibition for multiple times. Since 2015, Yao has been serving as the chief conductor of Shanghai Youth Chinese Orchestra.

YU BING, Pipa 俞冰/琵琶


Yu Bing is a pipa player of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, artist of Shanghai China International Arts Festival. He was graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 1998, he entered Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. He won the Highest Level of Outstanding Performance Award in Shanghai Spring International Musical Festival, the Second Prize in Tianhua Cup National youth Pipa Competition, the 2005 Yearly Golden Music Record in Japan, etc. successively. In recent years, he took the initiatives to do the trials for cross-boundary cooperation so as to popularize pipa skills and Chinese traditional culture arts. He ever partnered with Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, Shanghai Opera Theatre, Ming-Chuen Wang, Ye Xiaogang, and many other celebrities, and has been invited to perform in many internationally renowned music festivals. In 2017, his performance in musical theater show The Conqueror was honored as the appointed piece to be included in “Youth Artist Development Program” of the 19th China Shanghai International Arts Festival.

HU CHENYUN, Suona 胡晨韵/唢呐

Hu Chenyun, national first-level performer, isa suona player of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra and board member of the Shanghai Musicians Association and Suona Specialized Committee Chinese Musicians Association. He was invited to visit and perform in more than 30 countries around the world, and has cooperated without standing orchestras including Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, L’Orchestre National de
Francaise to perform solo in several important performances. In 2015 he presented his special the Shanghai symphony Orchestra concert hall.

JIN KAI, Dizi 金锴 / 竹笛


Jin Kai now is a member of the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. He was a guest of The Venice Modern Music Festival, Chinese Culture and Arts Festival in Paris and Amsterdam. He participated in Adelaide Modern Music Festival, Chinese Music Festival in Hamburg. In 2008 and 2009, the work Toy, concerto of the program Presences China, secured for him the championship and at the same time, he was invited by its composer to Canada to play it accompanied by Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Jin Kai played as a soloist in numerous concerts on important occasions in SHCO. In 2012, his performance of the concerto Song of Grandeur in the Beautiful China – the Golden Award repertoire of The 4th National Minority Arts Festival – led him to the title Best Player. Through Jin Kai’s performance, audience can not only appreciate his techniques, but can also see the nice integration of the inheritance of music culture and its contemporary development.


WANG YINRUI, Percussion 王音睿/打击乐


Wang Yinrui is the chief performer of the Percussion Part at Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. He is also a Shanghai Municipal CPPCC member, receiver of the Youth Medal and of Shanghai Outstanding Artist Medal, and director of the International Percussion Education Association, the Chinese Percussion Society of Chinese Musicians Association, the Percussion Special Committee of China Nationalities Orchestra Society, the Percussion Special Committee of Shanghai Musicians’ Association and the Shanghai Percussion Association. Wang has visited dozens of countries and regions. In 2008, he won the first prize at the Percussion Competition for National Higher Colleges and Universities of Musical Art. In 2012, he joined the Orchestra to perform at the Fourth National Minority Theatrical Show and won the Best Performer award. In 2015, he won the Gold Medal at the Second National Ruan Xian Art Exhibition. In the same year, he also won the Gold Medal at the Third International Invitational Contest of Jiangnan Stringed and Woodwind Music. In 2008 and 2015, he successfully held a personal concert. Wang is a very skillful performer and his style is enthusiastic and unrestrained, which makes him the focus on the stage. He is good at dealing with all kinds of music, and the timbre of his percussion sounds diversified. Wang is so popular that the media call him “Prince Percussion”

ZHAO ZHEN, Sheng 赵臻 /笙


Zhao Zhen is the Sheng instrument performer of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, member of China Musicians Association and Shanghai Musicians Association. After being admitted to Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, he has performed in over a thousand concerts, and his footprints are all over dozens of nations and regions in the five continents. He once participated in the performance of Hong Kong International Modern Music Festival, Macao International Art Festival, Jeonju Bamboo Cultural Festival in South Korea, Adelaide Music Festival and Cervantes Music Festival, to name just a few. He acted as solo and leading player in various important concerts such as Shanghai Folk Music, Dream of the Peony Pavilion, Rising Stars and New Voice of Dream, etc. He has won such honors as the first prize in the Domestic and Foreign Jiangnan Traditional Stringed “Woodwind Instrument Invitational Competition in 2006, golden prize of professional group in the combination shows of folk music” Chinese traditional instruments of the 10th China Art Festival, and golden prize of professional group in the 3rd Domestic and Foreign Jiangnan Traditional Stringed & Woodwind Instrument Invitational Competition in 2015.


ZHANG JIAWEI, Gaohu 张佳伟/高胡


Zhang Jiawei is a Gaohu player in Shanghai Chinese Orchestra and a second-level national performer who graduated from Erhu and Banhu major of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Since 2005, Zhang has been a Gaohu performer in Shanghai Chinese Orchestra as well as a soloist and lead performer of Gaohu and various Chinese stringed instruments. In 2010, Zhang held a solo bowed-stringed instrument concert. Zhang acted as the lead Gaohu performer in many major performances within the delegation to various countries and regions around the world. Several tracks adapted by Zhang have been included in the national Gaohu examination albums.


DING LONG, Erhu 丁龙/二胡


Graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Ding Long is a young Erhu performer in Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, member of Shanghai Musicians Association.
Since entering the Orchestra, he has successfully fulfilled a variety of major performance tasks and accompanied the orchestra to visit many countries and regions. In 2007, his Erhu solo in the Quintet Flying Bees presented in Shanghai International Art Festival Opening Ceremony – Chinese Orchestra at Sea music live show received affirmative comments from all circles. In 2018, he accompanied the orchestra for tour performance in Europe, during which his performance in Quintet Flying Bees gained appraises once again from European audience. Through multiple performances, he has gradually developed into a young performer with mature skills and stage manners.


LU LU, Erhu 卢璐/二胡

Lu Lu is a young Erhu player at Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. She is a member of the Erhu Commission, Shanghai Musicians Association.Lu is now pursuing a Master’s degree of Arts at Shanghai Conservatory of Music.Lu has won a list of awards: the Gold Medal of Professional Group A at the Second Hong Kong International Erhu Competition; the Gold Medal at the Erhu Competition of the 32ndShanghai Spring International Music Festival,and the “Outstanding Small-Scale Work” and”Newcomer Award” at the Shanghai Selection Exhibition of Performing Arts in 2017.Lu is good at exploring what lies under the music and expresses it in diverse ways.She seems composed and passionate in her performance on the stage, showing the unique charm of a contemporary young folk musician.


LI SHENGNAN, Pipa 李胜男/琵琶


Li Shengnan is a pipa player in the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. She has both talented skills and abundant performance experience, always ready to try different styles. She has successfully held over ten concerts in forms of solo, ensemble and concerto in New York, Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen and many other cities. The concerts have won a wide range of positive remarks on the form, programs and performance. The premiere works performed by Li Shengnan, including Early Spring, Silently, Mid-lake Pavilion, Waterfall, and Legend of Jangar, have been among the most popular programs on the stage.


About The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra Concert

Founded in orchestra in China. SHCO is famous for its harmonious cooperation among the members of orchestra and its excellent mastering of all kinds of works. The 1952, Shanghai Chinese Orchestra is the first big-scale modern Chinese Orchestra plays an important role in the development of Chinese music. In the history of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, there were a number of great artists who made significant contribution to the national music development, such as Zhang Ziqian, Lu Chunling, Sun Yude, Gu Guanren, Min Huifen, Yu Xunfa, Gong Yi, etc.

After the more than half a century development, SCHO now turns into a large-scale integrated national orchestra embracing four sections, that is, the stringed, plucking, wind and percussion voice, and thus accumulated a number of classic works and projects. Moreover, SHCO also initiates its own professional performance season, and recorded abundant national instrumental music. Meanwhile, by introducing numerous public performances, SHCO constantly makes efforts to popularize national music.

In the recent years, the SHCO, which oriented on explaining national music in modern and international ways, organized and performed a lot of themed concerts which blended our national culture, national sentiments, as well as national spirits into the music, successfully representing national music in Shanghai style like《New Oriental Chinese Music Scene》《The Bund》《The Blooming of the Gardenias》《The Concerts of Poetry, Literature and Painting in Chinese Music》. And the New Oriental Chinese Music Scene was performed in the opening ceremony of the 18th Chinese Shanghai International Festival of Arts as well as the special performance for the 45th anniversary China-Greece relations. At the beginning of the year 2018, the concert New Oriental Chinese Music Scene was brought by SHCO’s tour performances to eight cities in four countries including Britain, France, Belgian and Germany. These concerts were all performed in the world famous and first-class concert halls throughout Europe, having made a great coup during the nearly-20-days concert tour.

In the future, SHCO will step up efforts to radiate the inner vitality of Chinese national music. With the kind of national music which is more inclusive and more glamorous of the times, SHCO is ready to inherit the urban context and show the brand-new conditions of national music, as well as looking forward to coming across every bosom friend.

The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra Artists


Flute -笛子
乔海波 QIAO Haibo
金 锴 JIN Kai
顾剑楠 GU Jiannan
邓华春 DENG Huachun
陈昀颖 CHEN Yunying
Sheng -笙
李裕祥 LI Yuxiang
赵 臻 ZHAO Zhen
李春旭 LI Chunxu
王 阳 WANG Yang
Suona -唢呐
徐红兵 XU Hongbin
姜 峰 JIANG Feng
闫晋龙 YAN Jinlong
宓嵩杰 MI Songjie
胡晨韵 HU Chenyun
Liuqin -柳琴
王 艳 WANG Yan
Yangqin -扬琴
曹 蕴 CAO Yun
Pipa -琵琶
周 韬 ZHOU Tao
俞 彬 YU Bin
李胜男 LI Shengnan
沈岑麟 SHEN Cenlin
Zhongruan -中阮
刘 波 LIU Bo
夏 青 XIA Qing
沙 漠 SHA Mo
杨 净 YANG Jing
李 霖 LI Lin
Daruan -大阮
李玥儒 LI Yueru
吴弘烨 WU Hongye
Zheng -古筝
方 瑜 FANG Yu
Gaohu -高胡
李 玮 LI Wei
吕文芳 LYU Wenfang
陈晓雁 CHEN Xiaoyan
张佳伟 ZHANG Jiawei
邓跃梅 DENG Yuemei
郭佳雯 GUO Jiawen
Erhu -二胡
吴 英 WU Ying
罗苑苑 LUO Yuanyuan
沈多雷 SHEN Duolei
李冠男 LI Guannan
丁 龙 DING Long
孙乐波 SUN Yuebo
唐海平 TANG Haiping
卢 璐 LU Lu
王菲莉 WANG Feili
王佳垚 WANG Jiayao
陈 适 CHEN Shi
凌檬 LING Meng
Zhonghu -中胡
沈多米 SHEN Duomi
梁众益 LIANG Zhongyi
平志成 PING Zhicheng
王甲男 WANG Jianan
Cello -大提琴
杨 海 YANG Hai
何晓彤 HE Xiaotong
江 珊 JIANG Shan
俞雪莉 YU Xueli
Bass -低音提琴
陆 斌 LU Bin
杜娟娟 DU Juanjuan
蔡 旭 CAI Xu
孙 浩 SUN Hao
Percussion -打击乐
王音睿 WANG Yinrui
窦 强 DOU Qiang
孙 莉 SUN Li
张 宓 ZHANG Mi
高 晶 GAO Jing
蒋元卿 JIANG Yuanqing
Conductor -指挥
姚申申 YAO Shenshen
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