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2018 Competition Semi-Final Contestants

2018 Competition Semi-Final Contestants

Congratulations to all the contestants who proceeded to the Semi-Final Round in Chiangmai!
Please send your semi-final program immidately.
Make sure to make payment for the Semi-Final before you perform, cash or PayPal.

  • Junior contestants will only be judged to the Semi-Final round. They will not proceed to the Final Round.
  • Contestants will perform one or two program(s) / repertorie(s) of their choice that is a maximum of 15 minutes per contestant.
  • Contestants in the Juniors Category can play shorter program(s). Their performances are not judged based on time.
  • Your programs must be different from the piece performed at the First Round.
  • It will be open to the public.(Free Admission)



Semi Final Round Schedule

It may proceed faster than approximate time.

Morning 9:00-12:00
Afternoon 2:00pm -5:00pm


November 14

Morning Hours

9:00 O-47-C Zen P. Tanwattana
9:15 O-54-C Mr. Jakaphan Chaiya
9:30 A-3 Ms. Maya and Saya Takada
9:45 A-4 Ms. Nguyen Nguyen Le
10:00 A-6 Ms. Kotoko Akashi
10:15 A-7 Ms. Linh Dan Phan
10:30 A-12-C Ms. Pim Lucksiri
10:45 A-15 Mr. Thitiphatchote Juntrakul
11:00 A-16 Mr. Patchubun Panjamapirom
11:15 A-19 Ms. MENG, XINYI
11:30 A-23 Mr. SU, YANLIN
11:45 A-24 Mr. MENG, ZINIU
12:00 B-1-C Ms. Ravint Wongratanaphisan
12:15 B-3 Ms. Yuiko Akashi
12:30 B-6 Ms. Nguyen Thao Nguyen
12:45 B-7 Mr. Bui Xuan Phong

Afternoon Hours

14:00  B-12-C Mr. Mu Qian

14:15 B-15 Ms. ZHUANG, YIYU

14:30 B-19 Mr. MA, YIKAI

14:45  C-4 Ms. Trieu Van Linh

15:00 C-10 Mr. CHEN, XI

15:15 O-13 Ms. Naoko Honjo

15:30 O-15-C Super Brass 6

15:45 O-16 Mr. Kim, Jin Kyum and Ms. Park, Min Young

16:00 O-19 Mr. Naoki Takagi

16:15 O-20 Mr.Norraphat Thanavisuth

16:30 O-21 Gusto Saxophone Quartet

16:45 O-22 Mr.Nitchan Pitayathorn


November 15

Morning Hours

9:15 O-26 Ms. Yui Ito and Ms. Ichiyu Tanaka

9:30 O-27 Mr. Anant Changwaiwit

9:45 O-29 Mr. Keito Maruba

10:00 O-30 Mahasarakham University Saxophone Ensemble

10:15 O-35 Mr. Ming Jen,Chung

10:30 O-36 Ms. Yumi Takagaki

10:45 O-39 Mr. Philip Jeremy Law Tze Siang

11:00 O-41 Mr. Kaito Muramatsu

11:15 O-44 4 Bears

11:30 O-46-C CMSaxtet


Afternoon Hours

14:00 O-52 Mr. Isanan Chotirosniramit

14:15 O-17 Ms. Hitomi Utamura

14:30 O-58 Siam Saxophone Quartet

14:45 O-60 Mr. CUI,MUTIAN

15:00 O-61 Mr. CHEN, LONGXIANG

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