Chiang Mai  Ginastera International Music Festival

2017 Junior Final Contestants

2017 Junior Final Contestants

Dear Successful Junior Contestants
Please send us your final program immediately before 23:00.

Please pay your Semi-Final Entry Fee

  • Before artist concert on Nov 14
  • 8 am to 9 am on Nov 15
  • Contestants will perform one or two program(s) / repertorie(s) of their choice that is a maximum of 15 minutes per contestant.
  • Contestants in the Juniors Category can play shorter program(s). Their performances are not judged based on time.
  • Junior contestants will only be judged to the Semi-Final round. They will not proceed to the Final Round.
  • Programs must be different from the piece performed at the First Round.

It may proceed faster than approximate time.

November 15,2017

Morning 9:00-12:00

  • A-2 Ms. Chow Yu Wa on Violin from Hong Kong
  • A-5-C Ms. Araya Thayayut on Piano
  • A-6 Mr. Tanathorn Tavachphongsri on Piano from Bangkok
  • A-7 Mr. Phopthorn Smithsuwan on Piano from Bangkok
  • A-11-C Ms. Varint Wongratanaphisan on Piano
  • A-12-C Ms. Pim Lucksiri on Piano
  • A-15 Mr. Kieu Duc Thang on Piano from Vietnam
  • B-1 Mr. Cao Hoang Linh on Violin from Vietnam
  • B-6-C Mr. Mu Qian on Piano from China
  • B-8 Ms.Yanichadapha Pornvisethkul on Piano from Bangkok
  • B-9-C Ms. Ravint Wongratanaphisan on Piano
  • B-11 Ms. Zhang XinJie on Piano from China
  • B-14-C Ms. Porjai Rangsri on Piano
  • C-2 Ms. Bui Le Huyen Linh on Cello from Vietnam
  • C-3 Ms. Kanokrada Changfun on Piano from Thailand (UK resident)
  • C-8 Mr. So Ho Ming on Piano from Hong Kong
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