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China – 2018 Announcement of Successful Contestants

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the China Regional Round in Shanghai! We would like to thank all participants for their enthusiastic performances, who came to take their audition from all over China! Junior A Ms. Liu, Ziyu -Piano Ms. Dong, Yupei -Piano Ms. Meng, Xinyi -Piano Ms. Cai, Shiru -Piano Ms. Ma, Yining -Piano Ms. Ji, Nahe -Piano Mr. Su, Yanlin -Piano Mr. Meng, Ziniu -Piano   Junior B Mr. Dong, Hongyi -Piano Ms. Yan, Qianru -Piano Ms. Zhuang, Yiyu -Piano Ms. Gong, Xini -Piano Mr. Wang, Ruoyu -Piano Mr. Zhang, Enkai -Piano Mr. Ma, Yikai -Piano   Junior C Ms. Jiang, Zirui -Piano Mr. Chen, Xi -Piano  …

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