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2018 Open Category Award Winners

2018 Open Category Award Winners

  • The First Prize GOLD / O-60 Mr. Cui, Mutian / Piano from China

Award Ceremony

November 17th, 2018 SAT After the Gala Concert (Gala Concert statts at 19:30)
Kad Theatre, 5th Floor of Kad Suan Kaew

Open Category Prize Winner

The First Prize GOLD

Governor of Chiangmai Prize:100,000THB
O-60 Mr. Cui,Mutian / Piano from China

The Second Prize SILVER

Chiangmai Youth Philharmonic Band and Symphony Orchestra Foundation Prize:50,000THB
O-19 Mr. Naoki Takagi / Piano from Japan

The Third Prize BRONZE

Chiangmai Musician Singer Actor Association Prize:30,000THB
O-26 Ms. Yui Itoh and Ms. Ichiyu Tanaka / Piano and Violin Duo from Japan

Ginastera Special Prize Winner

Ginastera Special Prize: 5,000THB
O-19 Mr. Naoki Takagi / Piano from Japan

Special Award for Outstanding Thai Musician

One round trip air ticket from Bangkok to Japan
O-58 Siam Saxophone Quartet / Saxophone Qurtet from Bangkok

USAATO Prize Winner

Special Recognition Awards presented by Mr. Usaburo Sato: 5,000THB
O-13 Ms. Naoko Honjo / Euphonium from Japan
O-35 Mr.Ming Jen,Chung / Piano from Taiwan
O-41 Mr. Kaito Muramatsu / Piano from Japan

Honorable Mention

Special Recognition Awards : No Cash Prize
O-16 Mr. Kim Jin Kyum and Ms. Park Min Young / Flute and Piano Duo from Korea
O-17 Ms. Hitomi Utamura / Vocal from Japan
O-21 Gusto Saxophone Quartet / Saxophone Quartet from Bangkok
O-22 Mr. Nitchan Pitayathorn / Saxophone from Bangkok
O-29 Mr. Keito Maruba / Saxophone from Japan
O-39 Mr. Philip Jeremy Law Tze Siang / Violin from Malaysia
O-52 Mr. Isanan Chotirosniramit / Piano from Bangkok
O-61 Mr. Chen, Longxiang / Piano from China


Special Awards for Chiang Mai Musician

First Prize GOLD

Mr. Jakaphan Chaiya / Trumpet

The Second Prize SILVER

Mr. Zen P.Tanwattana / Saxophone

The Third Prize BRONZE

5,000THB Tied Score
Super Brass 6 / Brass Ensemble
CM Saxtet / Saxophone Ensemble


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