Chiang Mai  Ginastera International Music Festival

Video Round – 2018 Announcement of Successful Contestants

Video Round – 2018 Announcement of Successful Contestants

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the YouTube and Video Rounds!
We will annouce names of successfiul contestants from China(Shanghai) Audition,Bangkok Audition and Chiangmai Audition at a later date.
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Junior A

  • Mr. Ryan Murphy (USA/Thailand) Violin
  • Ms. Nguyen Nguyen Le (Vietnam) Violin
  • Ms. Kotoko Akashi (Japan) Violin
  • Ms. Linh Dan Phan (Vietnam) Violin
  • Ms. Dang Minh Anh (Vietnam) Piano
  • Ms. Freya Kylie Lim (Singapore) Violin
  • Ms. Chiu Wing Hei (Hong Kong) Violin

Junior B

  • Ms. Yuiko Akashi (Japan) Flute
  • Ms. Nguyen Hoang Phuong Thy (Vietnam) Piano
  • Ms. Nguyen Thao Nguyen (Vietnam) Piano
  • Mr. Bui Xuan Phong (Vietnam) Piano

Junior C

  • Ms. Rina Kito (Japan) Soprano
  • Ms. Vu Trang Linh (Vietnam) Violin
  • Ms. Trieu Van Linh (Vietnam) Piano


Open Category

  • Ms. Naoko Honjo (Japan) Euphonium
  • Mr. Jin Kyum Kim and Ms. Min Young Park (Korea) Flute and Piano Duo
  • Ms. Hitomi Utamura (Japan) Vocal
  • Ms. Ng Sau Ching (Hong Kong) Flute
  • Ms. Yui Ito and Ms. Ichiyu Tanaka (Japan) Piano and Violin Duo
  • Marskanskey String Quartet (Indonesia) String Quartet
  • Ms. Nguyen Le Bang Tam (Vietnam) Violin
  • Mr. Ming Jen,Chung (Taiwan) Piano
  • Mr. Chow Wai Chung Tommy (Hong Kong) Trumpet
  • Mr. Philip Jeremy Law Tze Siang (Malaysia) Violin
  • Mr. Kaito Muramatsu (Japan) Piano
  • Mr. Seiju Sasaki (Japan) Piano


We also have contestants who are exempted from the audition.

Junior Category

  • Ms.Yanichadapha Pornvisethkul / Junior B (Thailand) Piano
  • Ms. Pim Lucksiri / Junior A (Thailand) Piano

Open Category

  • Mr. Hirotaka Ogura (Japan) Piano
  • Mr. Naoki Takagi (Japan) Piano
  • Mr. Anant Changwaiwit (Thailand) Piano
  • Mr. Keito Maruba (Japan) Saxophone
  • Mr. Pong Tin Yau (Hong Kong) Saxophone
  • Ms. Yuki Saito and Yuri Noboritate (Japan) Flute Duo
  • Ms. Veronika Issajeva (Estonia) Piano
  • Ms. Veronika Issajeva (Estonia) Piano
  • Mr. Isanan Chotirosnirami (Thailand) Piano
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