Chiang Mai  Ginastera International Music Festival

Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra Concert

Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra Concert

Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra Concert

Coming to Chiang Mai for the 2018 festival—a truly breathtaking performance by the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra with the young, world-class conductor, Maestro Liang Zhang. Former Chiang Mai resident and pianist Atsuko Seta will be back to join them for a spectacular performance of Ginastera!

Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the most famous organizations of musical performance in China. It was established in 1952, known as the East China Music Troupe.
In the past 40 years. Shanghai Philharmonic has performed over 3,000 Concerts, including special concerts for individual composers and musicians, and collaborated with vocalists from all over the World.


  • Glorious (for Payap University’s 35th Year Anniversary) by Chaipruck Mekara
  • Symphony Poem Looking Forward by Xi Qiming
  • Toccata concertata from Piano Concerto No.1 by Alberto Ginastera
  • Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92 by Ludwig Van Beethoven

Pianist: Atsuko Seta (Japan)
Conductor: Liang Zhang (China)

Liang Zhang

Liang Zhang

Atsuko Seta

Atsuko Seta


13 November 2018 (TUE) 19:30
Kad Theatre (Kad Suan Kaew 5F)
Free for unassigned seat numbers ALL OUT, THANK YOU!
1,000 baht for all assigned seat numbers.
2500THB Fesival Pass to join all the concerts during the festival



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Where to Buy Tickets

Now tickets are available only at the door.
Please call 087-302-1226 (Dr.Manfred) for details.



Liang Zhang / Conductor

Liang Zhang

Liang Zhang

Liang Zhang was born inTaizhou,Jiangsu,Chinain 1979. He started practicing piano at the age of 5 and attended the Music Elementary Schooland Music Middle Schoolattached to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He majored in piano and composition and studied under professors Zijie Wu, Jiang Qin, and Erbo Deng between 1989-1998. During this period, he created a number of piano and string pieces. During the middle school years, he performed in a concert with the famous Japanese violinist, Takako Nishizaki. In 1996, he studied orchestra conducting techniques under Professor Mei Zhang of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 1998, he was admitted to Universitaet fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien inAustriaas the top of the class, majoring in conducting and piano, and studied under the conductor Professor Uros Lajovic, master pianist Professor David Lively and Professor J.G. Jiracek.

Apart from conducting, Zhang Liang also performed often as a pianist. He accompanied Peter Lukas Graf, the master Swiss flutist and one of three masters of the world, and also played in a number of chamber music concerts. He performed many times with soloists from a number of countries and regions, includingGermany,Austria,France,Mexico,Spain,Japan,Korea, Hong Kong, andTaiwan. In the most recent few years, he released a number of albums with outstanding musicians fromChina.

The orchestras that Liang Zhang has conducted include the Vienna Ambassade Orchestra, Vienna Webern Orchestra, Macao Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Guangzhou Orchestra, Beijing Central Opera House Orchestra, and the Shanghai Opera House Orchestra.

He has also performed with famous foreign musicians, such as Perter Lukas Graf, Ryu Goto, Sumi Jo, Wolfgang Schulz, Lynn Harrell, Jerome Rose, Tigran Alikhanov, Jian Wang, Yang Shen, Chang Yong Liao, Ying Huang, Song Wei, and Si Heng Song.

Liang Zhang’s conducting and music are perfect and delicate, pure in mood, and precise in technique. His interpretations of German and Austrian musical pieces are praiseworthy as pieces from post-romantic composers.

He is currently the deputy director and conductor of the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra.He is also the adjunct professor for the Department of Conducting at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai, Director of the Professional Choir Committee of the Shanghai Association of Musicians, and is in charge of individual lessons on culture in Yangpu, Shanghai.

Orchestra Members

Violin I Violin II Viola
Wong Sze Hang(Concert Master)
Lee Jiae
Xia Yunhui
He Jing
Chen Jie
Liu He
Zhou Wei
Liu Zhaohui
Xu Peiwei
Tang Chunyan
Chen Ping Penny
Guo Hui
Wang Le
Yan Heyu
Shen Fei
Liu Ying
Wang Yingsi
Wang Tao
Han Xue
Yan Yan
Wang Qianqian
Xiong Jinwen
He Hongxia
Liu Kuan
Qu Lin
Zou Dongqi
Lin Heng
Guo Ying
Tian Ye
Wang Yunqi
Niu Xiaodong
Violoncello Double Bass Piccolo/Flute
Wu Minzhe
Zhang Jingzhuo
Chen Tian
Wang Mengyu
Zhou Huitao
Li Mai
Liu Lipeng
Feng Rongjin
Chen Cong

Wang Shaolei
Pan Yijiao
Yue Rui
Zhang Yifan
Liu Lipeng
Zhang Xuguang
Guo Yitong
Zhou Shinan
Fu Zu
Oboe Clarinet Bassoon
Cheng Yue
Xue Yi
Zheng Shijie
Chen Qiang
Zhang Ao
Long Haibo(Bass)
Chen Qu
Yu Xiaopeng
French Horn Trumpet Trombone

Gu Cong
Jullian Zheng
Wang Xingquan
Ma Chuchen
Wang Yanbo
Gao Chongwei
Zhao Pengcheng
Cen Keqi
Zhu Wei
Zhou Yajun
Zeng Fantao
Tuba Timpani Percussion

Jiang Lin Sun Xiao Li Li
Zhang Zhenni
Yan Haocheng
Li Yongning
Qian Meng
Harp Celesta
Chen Yuying Li Xiaoqian
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